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1, 1925" January Exhibitions Shows January reports of Trial Gardens - new York botanical Garden Mrs. Peckham Test Gardens January Springfield Charles. Ladd Test Gardens January new Rochelle Mrs. Peckham Test Gardens January Brooklyn Botanic Gardens George. Reed Test Gardens January display garden Policy and Authorized Forms of Agreement ais business January "Cincinnati section, by-laws and meeting" Affiliates January bibliography Mrs. Peckham History january behavior of Iris Foliage in Winter david Petrie Culture january Introductions and Registration (with corrections from 1924) Registrations introductions January "Tid-Bits, 10th" Sherman.

Y." Garden Reports Varietal Comments April "Iris Visits, 1924 (Part 2 Robert Swan Sturtevant Garden Reports Varietal Comments April Tid-Bits 7th Letters to the Editor April "Exhibition Announcements, etc - officers, 1925" ais business April What we offer our members ais business April.00 offered for the best Iris plea Robert wayman News July a report. Cover, hero marjorie r swaby and. Stout" Culture Scientific - bulletin info from toc october Japanese Irises. Miyazawa Japanese Iris Japan - bulletin Info from toc october White Irises. Denis International France October Some Irises of Herault. Dykes International England October Tid-Bits 9th Letters to the Editor October Notes Commentary October Notes Frank. Campbell Commentary October Notes John. Wister Commentary October Notes. James and Sherman. Duffy Commentary October Notes - odd Notes from various sources Commentary October Notes - notes on beardless Irises Beardless Iris October Convenient Planting for the nursery and Show Garden Garden Reports Varietal Comments October Black list Discussion News October Black list Discussion - on policies News October Black list Discussion -. S." Culture October Suggestions From and to members Letters to the Editor January les Iris dans les Jardins - a review and Extracts Henri correvon International Bulletin information from toc january "1925 Activities, meetings of the directors, Annual meeting" Meetings January Officers ais business January "Report of the Treasurer, October.

pro resume memphis tn

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Duffy varietal comments April An Iris Calendar for Texas Mrs. Larned Commentary April The resistance of Protoplasm Dr. McLayres Scientific April The new York test Garden.A.S. Peckham essay Test Gardens April List of Contributors.A.S. Peckham Test Gardens New York test Gardens April Record of Plantings in Alphabetical Garden.A.S. Peckham Test Gardens New York test Gardens April Iris Project at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Dr. Reed Garden Reports Varietal Comments April "The Show Garden at New Rochelle,.

pro resume memphis tn

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Farr Biography Bulletin information from toc january essay In appreciation Commentary january bertrand Farr and peonies. Saunders Biography january visits to wyomissing John. Wister Garden Reports Bertrand Farr Nursery january "Farr's seedling Irises" Robert Swan Sturtevant Hybridizing January "The American Iris Society, history and Reports " History january report of the Treasurer and Comparative statement Financial January constitution of the American Iris Society by-laws January code of Nomenclature Classification January Official Standards of Registrations Registrations introductions. Peckham Classification January "1924 Bibliography of Iris Literature, compiled by" Ethel Anson. Peckham Classification January "Impressions of Irises seen Abroad in June, 1924" Mrs. Waters International "Garden Reports, varietal reviews" January An Iris Calendar for California (1924). James Commentary january Announcements News January Officers 1925 ais business April Some Irises of the future Sydney. Mitchell Hybridizing Bulletin information from toc april True judgment and False. Morrison April Why concentrate on bearded Irises?

McKinney Disease/Pests From Horticulture may tid-Bits 4th Letters to the Editor October Iris season John. Wister Introductions Bulletin information from toc october Hunting for Rare-bits Ethel Anson. Peckham Commentary October Observations Frank. Campbell varietal comments October Forcing the bearded Irises Frank. Campbell Culture October a handbook of Garden Irises John. Wister book review October Descriptions Part 4 Registrations introductions October Iris Visits 1924 Robert Swan Sturtevant Garden Reports varietal comments December Memories of Frank. Presby Robert Swan Sturtevant Obituary "Index #13 In Memoriam of Frank. Presby, a classification of Garden Irises - bulletin Info from toc" December Some historical Notes on Classification Classification December a classification of bearded Irises Classification December "lavender, self" Classification Bearded Irises December "lavender, bicolor (neglecta Classification Bearded Irises December "Yellow, self" Classification Bearded Irises December Yellow plicata Classification Bearded Irises December Yellow bicolor (variegata) Classification Bearded.

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pro resume memphis tn

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Mitchell Hybridizer Index #9 Subject is William Mohr - bulletin Info from toc october Notes on Hybridization from letters of William Mohr William Mohr Hybridizing October "Bulbous Irises, with lists of recommended varieties from. McKinney Garden Reports October "Descriptions of varieties, part 3" Registrations introductions October List of Varieties described Registrations introductions January write The Iris Family and its Native representatives History Bulletin information from toc january Practical points - sources of Information - hints to purchasers Robert Swan Sturtevant varietal comments January Practical points - selected. Philbert lavenir Garden Reports a free translation January varying characteristics of Garden Irises Garden Reports Varietal Comments January hybridization Robert Swan Sturtevant Hybridizing January Growing the bearded Iris Marion Shull Culture january field Culture Mm Bretin et Abrial Culture january On Sowing Iris seed. Marion Shull Hybridizing January Irises in the garden Garden Reports January symposium of Introductions Clarence. Connell Introductions January The work of the society History january "Cornell Iris Test Gardens, austin". Sand Test Gardens January new York botanical Test Garden Test Gardens January "Tid-Bits, from various members" Letters to the Editor January Announcements News January general Index to all Bulletins Bulletin Index may "Beardless Irises, a review" Beardless Iris Index #10 Topic - beardless Iris - bulletin info from toc may japanese Irises.

Dykes Beardless Iris may iris Sibirica and its Relatives. Dykes Beardless Iris From the garden may siberian Irises. Dykes Beardless Iris "From the garden, 1881" may the Introduction and Hybridization of beardless Irises. Laplace Beardless Iris Extracts from the article by author may new Irises from the commercial Growers point of view. Engle Introductions may the Iris Borer Mrs.

May the relative value of Varieties of Similar Coloring Robert Swan Sturtevant varietal comments. May intermediate Irises arranged in order of merit Median Iris. May dwarf bearded Irises Dwarf Iris, may miscellaneous Irises varietal comments, may why a symposium? Robert Swan Sturtevant Tall bearded Symposium. Bliss Commentary "Index #6 Description of Varieties, part 1 - bulletin Information from toc".

October International Conference at Paris John. Wister International October At the london and Paris Exhibitions John. Wister International October Color in the Iris Family. Marion Shull varietal comments October "Color Standards and Nomenclature, an Explanation" Robert Swan Sturtevant varietal comments October The data card for descriptions Registrations introductions October "Descriptions of Varieties, part 1" Registrations introductions January list of Varieties described varietal comments January european Visits in 1922 John. Wister International "Index #7 Description of Varieties, part 2 - bulletin Info from toc" January An Appreciation of Some American seedlings. Bliss varietal comments January On Discarding Irises. Caparne Hybridizing January bud development in Iris. Marion Shull Hybridizing January "Description of Varieties, part 2" Registrations introductions January list of Varieties described Registrations introductions January "List of 1923 Members to february 1st, whose names are not included in the membership List" Membership January a further Acknowledgement to our generous 1922 members Commentary january varieties Registered. Kersey Registrations introductions "Reprinted without change of page numbers from "Standardized Plant Names" by permission of the American joint Committee on Horticultural Nomenclature - bulletin Info from toc" October William Mohr and his work Sydney.

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June list of Members (additional for 1921) Membership. January Iris Checklist (Abbreviated List) Registrations introductions Bulletin information from toc. May members of the jury notice to members Tall bearded Symposium Bulletin information from toc. May foreword John. Wister Commentary, may instructions to jurors Tall bearded Symposium, may introduction Tall bearded Symposium. May alphabetical List aiou of all Varieties Rated Tall bearded Symposium. May tall bearded Irises arranged in order of merit Tall bearded Symposium.

pro resume memphis tn

June "a letter from Sir story Michael Foster to sereno watson, 1890" International. June What Our Gardens Owe to his Work Robert Swan Sturtevant. June letter from. Caparne Letters to the Editor. June vilmorin's Orchid-flowered Irises. Mottet varietal comments, june visits to Iris Nurseries and Gardens John. June Iris as Crude Drug Helen. June list of the fertility of Iris Varieties.

Grower, august to december 1920, inclusive" varietal comments. January life members Membership, january "List of Members, Additions June 1, 1920 to jan. June sir Michael Foster John. Wister International Bulletin information from toc. June seedlings raised by sir Michael Foster International.

January The development of the tall bearded Irises in the 19th Century Ernest. Krelage International "Haarlem, holland - information from Bulletin Table of Contents how (toc. January sir Michael Foster and his Irises Sir Arthur Hort International "Newlands, England". January Iris Ricardi as a parent. Denis International "Balaruc, France". January Present favorites and Future Prospects Sydney. January notes from my hybridization Records Grace Sturtevant Hybridizing.

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Updated-12/5/2012, month Year Issue# Page# Photo color Title Author-Credits-Hybridizer Topic Subtopic, june Introduction Robert Swan Sturtevant Commentary "Culture of Irises promotion in usa -first Bulletin of ais - reprinted november 7, 1963". June Iris Culture for the mountains and Plains Region. Andrews Culture Pogoniris and Apogon. June Irises in Minnesota. Christman Culture, june Irises on the pacific coast Jennett dean Culture. June Iris Culture in Illinois William. June Irises in California Carl Purdy Culture, june Irises in Massachusetts Grace Sturtevant Culture, june Adventures with American Irises louise beebe wilder Culture. June various Notes on Culture Robert Swan Sturtevant Culture "Apogons, pardanthopsis, evansias, Oncocylus, regelia, pogoniris, bulbous". June "Charter Members of the ais june 1, 1920" Membership.

pro resume memphis tn
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